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The Amerikas Colloquium

On Thursday, December 17, we hear a presentation of Dr Michela Coletta focussing on Time, Space and Belonging in Andean “Living Well” Thought


17 December 2020, 18:15, Zoom-Meeting

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Dr. Michela Coletta (Hispanic Studies, University of Warwick):

Time, space and belonging in Andean “Living Well” thought

Recent global south approaches understand the global extractive system as a monoculture resulting from a history of violent and unbalanced relations. The notion of “epistemicide” explains the destruction of knowledges as a form of absence that must be faced by an “ecology of knowledge”, an exigency to reclaim the existence of infinite epistemological diversity (B. de Sousa Santos, Epistemologies of the South, 2014). From this perspective, this paper will first attempt to rethink the notion of modernity from its own critical core that runs underneath its orthodox surface of “progress” and consider the possibility of a more impure and permeable modernity. Within this framework, it will focus on some of the ways in which Aymara-Bolivian thinker Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui addresses ideas of belonging and identity as a grey zone in which we need to make room for contradiction, in particular through the Aymara linguistic concept of ch'ixi – a heterogenous coexistence of difference. The overall aim of this paper is to reflect on opening up modernity beyond forms of essentialism with a view to original and productive ways of thinking about future subjectivities.

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