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Guest Talk Dr. Henry Kammler

Indigenous Christianities in North America


11 January 2021, 18.15, Zoom-Meeting
Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Oettingenstraße 67
80538 München

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Dr. Henry Kammler (LMU München):

Indigenous Christianities in North America

The paper is a work-in-progress piece for a comparative synopsis of Christian congregations and networks in US Native American and Canadian Aboriginal communities. As the plural form of Christianity implies, the ethnographic cases under consideration are marked by the tension between the Christian claim for universal validity and inclusiveness on the one hand and localized adaptations that delineate and highlight cultural differences on the other hand. In some cases the adoption of a particular strand of Christianity has contributed to the survival as a culturally distinct and visible tribal community in hostile (neo)colonial environments. More recently, Christian communities have formed as a way to counter individual and intra-communal crises, typically integrating markers of local or pan-Indigenous ethnic identities into distinct interpretations of what it means to be Christian in the wake of colonization. The discussion tries to move beyond unspecific subsumptive terms like "syncretism" and "indigenization".

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