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The Amerikas Colloquium

On Thursday, October 21, we hear a presentation of Aristoteles Barcelos Neto: "The Snake-Canoe and His Singing Pots"

21.10.2021 at 18:15 

Dr. Aristoteles Barcelos Neto (University of East Anglia):

The Snake-Canoe and His Singing Pots: Modes of Transformation in Wauja Ceramics and Visual Culture – Upper Xingu, Brazilian Amazonia

Transformation is known as one of the original and central themes of indigenous cosmologies in Lowland of South America. A considerable part of Amazonian ideas of transformation are found in material and visual culture, with Wauja ceramics being one of the most notable cases. This ceramics is part of the wider Xinguano cosmological iconography, which essentially expresses the idea that human and non-human bodies are unstable material and spiritual realities that can have their anatomy, behaviour and appearance voluntarily or involuntarily transformed. In this presentation I analyse the modes of bodily and visual transformation represented in a series of Wauja ceramic artefacts. The analyses are supported by an exegetical approach to mythical beings related to ceramics and by the exploration of the symbolic meanings of figuration and geometric motifs.

When?           Thursday, 21 October 2021, 18:15

Where        Room 123, Oettingenstr. 67, 80538 Munich
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