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Guest Talk Thomas Hylland Eriksen

The future of diversity in the Anthropocene


8 November 2021, 18.15
Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Oettingenstraße 67
80538 München

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hylland Eriksen (University of Oslo):

The future of diversity in the Anthropocene:
Biological and cultural aspects

The effects of economic globalisation are detrimental to both biological and cultural diversity, since the Anthropocene era does not only refer to a reduction of biological diversity but also the incorporation of cultural groups into market economies, the loss of languages and of traditional livelihoods.

The paper indicates responses to the upscaling of economies, the flattening of ecosystems and the growing power of corporations. The loss of flexibility is reacted against in a broad variety of ways, from attempts to restore damaged ecosystems to groups defending their cultural and political autonomy.

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