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Guest Talk Max Kramer:

Digital Tactics and Extreme Speech

22.05.2023 at 18:15 

Dr. Max Kramer (Freie Universität Berlin):

Digital Tactics and Extreme Speech - or How to Avoid Capture

How do minoritized actors navigate a deeply hostile media environment amid growing authoritarianism? In this presentation, I'll speak on the question of the digital ethics of Indian Muslims as a tactic. By drawing on different case studies, I argue that my interlocutors learned to arrange their actions in emotionally attuned, rhythmic, and context-sensitive ways. What I call tactical describes an ethical-political trajectory within a power dynamic that works on different scales. These scales involve institutions under authoritarian nationalism, decomposing legal systems, transnational networks of support, and fragmenting logics of digital capital, as well as the culturally formed desires and ethical dispositions of media practitioners.

When?     Monday, May 22, 18:15
Where?    Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology,
                Oettingenstraße 67, 80538 Munich
                Room L155

Download (141 KB)

In the summer term 2023 Prof. Dr. Sahana Udupa has compiled an interesting programme (93 KB) for this lecture series. More information on guest talks, lectures and further acitivities at Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology you will find in our archive.