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Guest Talk Prof. Dr. Frank Korom

Weber in the Suburbs


9 November 2020, 18.00, Zoom-Meeting
Institut für Ethnologie
Oettingenstrasse 67

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Prof. Dr. Frank Korom  (Boston University):

Weber in the Suburbs: Routinizing Charisma and the Re-enchantment of the World Within a Contemporary American Sufi Movement

New religious communities most often need to establish a logic to support the legitimization of the establishment of a distinct movement. Max Weber refers to this process as "routinization," a necessary process that results in the founding of a post-charismatic religious institution. What is less known is how this process happens. I propose that narrative is one fundamental aspect of routinizing charisma. To make this point, I draw on 15 years of ethnographic research on the Bawa Muhaiyadeen Fellowship, a transnational Sufi group originating in Sri Lanka, but now has chapters in the USA and Canada.

Download Program Oberseminar Winter Term 2020/21 (95 KB)