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Working Paper vol. 26 online!

New in the series: Kyrill Hirner: Fear and Awe


Hirner, Kyrill (2019): Fear and Awe: Social Construction of Fear in Detroit. Studien aus dem Münchner Institut für Ethnologie / Working Papers in Social and Cultural Anthropology, Vol. 26. Munich: Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Detroit, or at least the discourse about Detroit, is guided by two prime narratives: hope for change, and fear of crime. After decades of economic decline and racial segregation, the crime rate is amongst the highest of all US cities. However, fear is not a „rational“ result of an abstract crime rate. And neither is it an „emotional cloud“ hovering about the city, distributing evenly the shadow it casts. It is fragmented and uneven, just like the discourses that shape it [...] more