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Workshop: Borderland Vigilance

Re-conceptualising borders in comparative perspective

19.07.2022 – 20.07.2022

We are pleased to announce the two-day workshop, *Borderland Vigilance: Reconceptualising borders in comparative perspective*, at LMU on 19th-20th July.

Borderlands are places where antithetical elements mix and combine in unexpected ways, where people face choices about how to place themselves in relation to often fluid boundaries which are meant to keep people apart but which they nevertheless cross, and where nationhood and citizenship may be displayed and called into question. We will discuss the vigilant and watchful behavior that ordinary people incorporate into their everyday lives to deal with living in borderland contexts in which their own belonging may be denied; how borderland subjects attempt to transform their social reality individually and collectively through actions that assert belonging, and how subjects are shaped in parallel both with political projects assert the primacy of borders and those that question them.

Download Programme (471 KB)

The event is free and you are welcome to join in person or virtually.
To see the full programme, and to register, please visit