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Dr. Deniz Yonucu

Dr. Deniz Yonucu

Alumni / Visiting Professor


Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Institut für Ethnologie
Oettingenstr. 67
80538 München

Deniz Yonucu received her PhD in Social Anthropology from Cornell University in 2014. She holds two MA degrees in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago and in Sociology from Bogazici University. Her teaching and research interests lies at the intersection of political and legal anthropology and urban studies, with a focus on the Middle East. More specifically, she focuses on state violence and counter-violence, sectarianism, policing of the marginalized and racialized working-class youth, anti-terror laws, and human rights. She has recently completed her post-doctoral research as an Alexander von Humboldt post-doctoral fellow at Leibniz-ZMO and Forum Transregionale Studien. Before that she was a visiting scholar at the London School of Economics and Political Science and an assistant professor at Beykent University. She has a teaching experience in the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

Deniz Yonucu’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in International Journal of Urban and Regional Studies, Social & Legal Studies, Berkeley Journal of Sociology, among others ( She has published various op-ed articles related to her area of research in the openDemocracy, Jadalliya, PoLAR Forum and beyond. She is currently completing a manuscript that builds on her dissertation and post-dissertation projects. The manuscript, entitled War Against Politics: Law, Sovereignty and Counter-Violence at the Margins of Turkey, focuses on marginalized Alevi populated working class neighborhoods in Istanbul and analyses the complex and constitutive relationship between law, state violence, counter violence and sovereignty in Turkey. Research for this project was supported by the Wenner-Gren Foundation, Ford Foundation, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, British Council and SALT, a Turkey-based cultural institution.