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Mobility and sense making: Migration of North American
retirees to Mexico

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Eveline Dürr

Funded by the University Bayern e.V. (special program for newly appointed professors) and LMUexcellent funding for women (2010-2012)

While most research related to migration in the US-Mexican context focuses on the flow from “poorer” South to the “richer” North, this research project investigates the migration of North American retirees to Mexico. This form of North-South-migration is not a new phenomenon, but increased in recent years and changed life worlds on both sides of the border. While processes of gentrification, segregation and fragmentation are observable in some cities, there are also many charitable projects resulting from the social engagement of retirees. This project scrutinizes the impact of their migration on the local level and investigates the cross-cultural encounters that take place.